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Arts at the Intersection lends a unique and engaging approach to social justice. We use art and creative expression to create a common place of understanding, a synergy between head and heart. We are committed to redefining the role of art and artists in manifesting change for social justice, both locally and in the world.

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Arts Alive

As we begin 2014, it’s exciting and inspirational to see that the Arts are alive, well and lend a unique and engaging approach to social justice, and bring artistic expression to all areas of Intersections’ work. As we move forward here are some insights about how and why we utilize the arts, and an introduction to a new format we will be using this year to bring you closer to the pulse of Arts at the Intersection.

Mon, 21 Apr 2014
blogAn Intersections Moment

Premiering this week is a new sound segment entitled An Intersections Moment which is slated to become a permanent feature of our Studio 145 programming.  Fred Johnson, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Intersections and host of Studio 145, shares a moment inspired during his morning travel on New York’s A train, and... more...

Mon, 7 Apr 2014
blogUniform Justice: Part of the Answer

 “This is not a crime scene; this is a conflict.” In my view, this is the most dramatic and important line in the powerful new play, Uniform Justice, created by TE’A at Intersections International, written by Chukuma Obasi, and produced last week in Memphis, Tennessee, in collaboration with the Mayor’s... more...

Fri, 21 Mar 2014
blogInsight in Memphis

I didn't know how to believe it when I learned in elementary school that my city was the violent crime capital of the United States. Memphis. More rapes and murders per capita than New York City at a time when that was saying a lot. For my whole life, variations of that grim ranking have colored the world's view of the city I... more...

Wed, 5 Mar 2014
blogOut of the Weeds: TE’A and Insight Theatre –...

In my last blog, I promised to come out of the weeds in my work with TE’A, to step away from the theoretical and aesthetic particulars of creating Insight theatre, so that I could clearly answer the questions at the heart of this work, what is TE’A and what is it trying to accomplish and how? I gave short and sweet answers... more...