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Uniting veterans and civilians by building community and providing mutual service to others

Service Together brings together veterans and civilians in engaging conversations and service initiatives to cultivate understanding, shatter stereotypes, and improve communities. We lead this charge in four ways. More

About Service Together
About Service Together
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Mon, 13 Apr 2015
blogMy Farewell Message: Advance, Never Retreat!

“And through all this welter of change and development your mission remains fixed, determined, inviolable. It is to win our wars. Everything else in your professional career is but corollary to this vital dedication. All other public purpose, all other public projects, all other public needs, great or small, will find others for... more...

Tue, 17 Mar 2015
blogTell It Like It Is

Of all the advice out there for veterans returning home, perhaps none is more timely, encouraging and honest than the guidance from Eric Greitans, Navy SEAL, award-winning author, Rhodes Scholar, and Founder of The Mission Continues.  In his article 7 Things I’d Like Every New Veteran to Keep In Mind Eric speaks from... more...

Fri, 6 Mar 2015
blogThat Which I Love Destroys Me

Some people go to Florida or the Caribbean for winter break. My colleagues and I? We went to the frozen tundra of Iowa. Although there were no soft beaches or azure waters, it was amazing! The greater Des Moines area is striving to make their communities among the most veteran-friendly in the nation. We held key meetings with the... more...

Tue, 3 Feb 2015
blogJames Armistead went from slave, to spy, to...

Rebecca’s note:  African Americans played a critical role in The Revolutionary War and helped change the course of world history. One such man was James Armistead, America’s first double-agent. Join me in learning more about his extraordinary contributions through author Karen Holt’s reflection on this unsung... more...