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Soundtrack of War - Podcast

In anticipation of Service Together’s upcoming concert, Soundtrack of War, this week’s blog features a podcast of Veteran performer Brandon Mills. I first heard Brandon play at the Society of Artistic Veterans fundraiser back in January. His soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics were mesmerizing. I was in the early stages of planning for Soundtrack of War and knew that I needed to have this talented musician on the bill! I approached him after his set and asked, “Where do you think the soundtrack is for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?” He was baffled, and wasn’t sure how to answer (as most people are when faced with that question! Where are those songs??) However, when he mentioned that he was influenced by the great American folk singers, I knew he was a perfect fit for the concert.

Brandon Mills is a singer, songwriter, and Marine recon scout sniper. He served in the Marines from 2004-2008, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan. After the Marine Corps, Brandon traveled around the world working for various non-profits, serving people and groups without resources or a voice in the fight. He is now a professional musician with a similar focus: exposing injustices; instilling hope and life in those that are lacking purpose; and impacting social and cultural spheres to create lasting positive change and promote unity.