TE'A (Theatre, Engagement & Action)

TE’A (Theatre, Engagement & Action) gathers Companies of talented theatre artists for the express purpose of creating original, experimental works of Insight theatre. These are multi-genre theatrical performance pieces that integrate the dramatic power of live theatre with the explanatory power of the Insight approach to conflict transformation. The aim of Insight theatre is to create theatrical experiences that transform the perspectives of audience members on the conflicts that divide them. More



Vieve shares how the TE'A company wrestled artistically to put Insight on stage, and how the show's spine emerged.

Wed, 5 Aug 2015
blogThe Inner Tug

It really does seem hopeless sometimes. Everyday, I open the door, pick up the paper, open it and think, “What are we going to do”? The stories keep coming, and they keep getting worse. There is intractable conflict in every area on every level – from our devastating and deadly crisis in the rule of law, to the deep and... more...

Tue, 28 Jul 2015
blogThe Uniform Justice Experience, From the Tour to...

Can theatre uncover the surface of police-community conflict? Absolutely. Because writing a play is something like opting to write a letter instead of engaging in an emotionally charged argument with someone you’re in conflict with. The kind of argument where you worry that the words won’t come out right, if at all. If only... more...

Thu, 9 Jul 2015
blogTE'A Goes to the Midwest

Twelve people get on a plane heading west ... and they land in Cleveland! (Where, despite the name of the popular TV show, it was not hot – 50 to 60 degrees at most).The 12 people are the TE’A Company:  nine actors, one playwright/director, one stage manager, and me, the artistic director. We were there for the last leg... more...

Thu, 21 May 2015
blogInsights on Insight

We recently had the opportunity to premiere a portion of our new TE’A piece, There’s Something About America (TSAA) to a very special audience on the West Coast at The 30th Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Our audience was composed of Lonergan professors and... more...