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About Us
Believe Out Loud

Uniting Christianity and LGBTQ justice through an online network empowering Christians to work for LGBTQ equality.

Believe Out Loud (BOL) moves hearts and minds toward understanding and supportive action by shattering the false dichotomy between LGBTQ justice and Christianity. BOL is an online network that provides the awareness, education, information and discussion forum Christians need to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer equality. Through daily blog posts and social media platforms, we equip Christians with the tools and resources to share their conviction for LGBTQ equality with others. 

Reaching an average of one million individuals per week, BOL is the leading platform for Christian affirmation for LGBTQ equality, making it possible for clergy, lay people, thought leaders and elected officials to publicly endorse LGBTQ equality from a Christian perspective. A Welcoming Church Map located on our website allows users to locate one of the more than 4,800 open and affirming churches across the country from a variety of denominations. 

Believe Out Loud also leads and participates in grassroots campaigns engaging our online community to take offline action in order to achieve LGBTQ equality. 


Protests against Racism: the Current Civil Unrest


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Orlando Protests - Justin D. Johnson

NYC Protests - Victoria C. Anderson


Unsplash.com - Cooper Baumgartner, Mike Von, Teemu Paananen

Protests against Racism: the Current Civil Unrest