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    Thu, 24 Sep 2015
    Dr. Ben Carson and Islam

    With his poll numbers rising, increased attention has been directed at Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. His reserved, mild-mannered approach to campaigning has been a huge contrast to the bellicose front runner Donald J. Trump, causing deeply conservative Republicans, especially evangelicals, to gravitate to him as an... more...

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    Tue, 15 Sep 2015
    Syrian Refugees

    Recent technology upgrades at Intersections have caused sporadic gaps in our communications. Upon returning from a week-long conference in Washington, DC, I learned that the following blog was never posted. Sadly, the issues raised in this blog have only become more pressing over the past several days. We decided to go ahead and post it... more...

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    Tue, 25 Aug 2015
    Transgender Murders, A National Crisis

    In this Season of Trump, it is easy to miss news stories that speak volumes of who we are as a society and how we need to shift our priorities if all God’s children are to be guaranteed the safety, security and access to opportunity that so many of us take for granted. Voices that have been historically under-represented become... more...

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    Tue, 28 Jul 2015
    Declaration Rights, an Idea for the Next Decade

    A week ago, we held an in-depth conversation with members of Intersections' Leadership Council and some invited guests. It was a fascinating conversation during which we examined the near-decade life of Intersections' and looked at examples of how we might move forward during our next ten years. Our gathering took place against... more...

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    Tue, 14 Jul 2015
    A Victim, Framed by the Media

    Shortly after the horrific tragedy at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, we were performing Uniform Justice, our play that addresses issues of community-police relations in our nation’s urban centers. The setting was an all-black congregation in Queens, New York. The hall—which would ultimately hold more than 70—was... more...

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    Mon, 15 Jun 2015
    How do we respond to ISIS?

    As I travel home from three days in Kazakhstan at the V Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, I am struck by the number of times I encountered two questions. These questions were perhaps most pointedly asked by Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov in a private briefing with members of the small American delegation in Astana:... more...

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    Fri, 5 Jun 2015
    ArticleThe Fuji Declaration: Igniting the Divine Spark...

    On May 17th at the Fuji Sanctuary in Japan, the 11th annual Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) was celebrated by over one hundred international dignitaries and thousands of participants around the world. In the largest and most significant gathering of its kind, representatives from all different countries, faiths and traditions joined in... more...

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    Thu, 4 Jun 2015
    A Jump Start for Sustained Peacebuilding

    For most Americans, Kazakhstan seems like a faraway place, indeed. But Americans can be quite myopic, blind to much of what goes on in the world beyond its borders. Actually, from a world perspective, Kazakhstan is right in the center of things. Located on the old silk route, straddling Asia and Europe, Kazakhstan is home to well over... more...

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    Tue, 26 May 2015
    Demilitarizing Law Enforcement

    Over Memorial Day weekend, I spent considerable time following events in Cleveland, the place I used to call home, in light of Officer Michael Brelo’s acquittal in the deaths of two unarmed African Americans, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, who were shot to death back in November of 2012. These events, coupled with the fact... more...

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    Mon, 11 May 2015
    From Judgment to Curiosity

    The tragic and relentless litany of violent headlines from across the country that depict conflicts between police and community members continues unabated, most recently in the killing of two officers in Hattiesburg, MS last weekend. Whether this spate of killings represents an actual spike in violence and civil disrespect or indicates... more...