Marcia Fingal

Global Impact Program Manager
Chief Outreach Officer

Marcia Fingal is the Chief Outreach Officer and Global Impact Program Manager for Intersections International. She is a decades-long advocate for the most marginalized communities the world over. Born in Guyana, South America, Fingal received her Bachelor’s Degree in English and Journalism from Rutgers University.

After a successful career in fashion and television, she became an award winning documentary filmmaker and producer. She has worked as a journalist, talk show host, magazine editor and photographer. Her life’s work centers around closing the wealth divide and creating social access through grass root organizing, strategic partnerships and sustainable development. Community building, education initiatives and narrowing health disparities factor prominently in her work.

Fingal spent ten years on the governing board of Intersections before joining the staff in November 2017. In her dual titled role, she remains committed to standing at the intersection of global poverty and economic justice, gender bias and violence and the empowerment of women and girls, LGBT discrimination and the creation of welcoming, inclusive spaces. Fingal  continues to explore the narratives faith and lay leaders collectively bring to discourse of civic engagement and social equity, while bridging religious intolerance and moral indifference with  peaceful dialogue and meaningful actions.