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Cadence: Home

TE’A has been engaged in creating intelligent, humane, emotionally compelling theatrical performance pieces about the struggles and triumphs of our veterans as they make the transition from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan to reconnecting with their friends, their families, and their former selves. In the two years since TE'A brought a workshop version of Home Front to the stage, TE’A has become an official project of Intersections International. This exciting partnership enabled TE'A to continue developing the characters, issues, and the artistry and texture of our theatrical performance piece. Home Front has been transformed into Cadence: Home.

In creating Cadence: Home, the TE'A Company conducted Insight conversations with more than 40 returning vets – learning about their decisions, their fears, their hopes and their dreams. We worked creatively and dramatically with the themes and issues they raised. Guided by our Insight approach to documentary-style theatre, we created a performance piece that offers an intimate, honest, and compassionate entry into the world of four veterans recently returned home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cadence: Home traces their collective journey to reconnect with their friends, their lovers, and their losses. It offers dramatic insight into their cares, their courage, and the ghosts that haunt them.

Cadence: Home was created by Radha Kramer, August Dannehl, Nalini Sharma, Amanda Marikar, Joseph Reese and Chuk Obasi, with additional material by Michael Goldfried and Stefano Brancato. Alex Gemignani composed Cadence: Home's original score for trumpet, piano, and snare drum. The New York City premiere was performed by a cast of eight talented and committed TE’A Artists and co-directed by Michael Goldfried and Stefano Brancato.

Cadence: Home is a key part of a larger effort that we believe every American can get behind. This piece of Insight Theatre is our contribution to a larger strategic effort - spearheaded by Intersections International – to heal the domestic consequences of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by organizing events and by convening dialogues that help veterans and non-military civilians bridge the gaps in understanding, recognition and affirmation that separate them from each other and divide the Nation as a whole.

It takes a village to welcome home our veterans, and we are committed to building our village through meaningful exchanges and the power of theatre.

Read what some people have to say about Cadence: Home:

"Brutally honest, genuinely moving and a fitting memorial for Veteran's Day."

"Last weekend, I brought 7 people to NYC who had never been. We saw the sights, went to The Lion King and to Cadence: Home. Many of them said the highlight of their trip was Cadence: Home."

"I enjoyed Cadence: Home and there were definitely times during the show where I saw glimpses of my self in the period from 2003 to 2006. Thank you for taking the time to do this right."

"Cadence: Home was extraordinary. It was more than stunning. It was hugely persuasive. It was deeply and intensively moving. It was timely as hell. It couldn’t have happened without superb casting. It was truly extraordinary."



On Wednesday, May 12, Intersections International and Believe Out Loud, in partnership with the Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Berlin Stadmitte (KKBS), hosted an enlightening discussion on the role faith communities can play in breaking down the discriminatory beliefs and practices that hold us back as a global community. University of Chicago Divinity School Dean David Nirenberg was joined by Rabbi Burton Visotzky of the Jewish Theological Seminary and Rev. Silke Radosh-Hinder of KKBS. The program was moderated by Anna Dreves, Intersections’ Chief Ethics Officer and Justice, Advocacy and Civic Engagement Manager.

On Wednesday, May 12, Intersections International and Believe Out Loud, in partnership with the Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Berlin Stadmitte (KKBS),...