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There are No S***hole Countries

Today marks eight years since a horrific earthquake decimated the island nation of Haiti. Sadly we are now flooded with news that our U.S. president has reportedly disparaged not only Haiti, but also countries in Africa, allegedly calling them "s***hole countries.

His remarks, though both racist and deeply troubling, seem to be part of this administration’s larger pattern of disregard for immigrants and people of color.

In November the Trump Administration ended temporary work permits for 60,000 Haitians who came to the US after that earthquake. A bipartisan group of Congressional voices, as well as a myriad number of advocates, aid workers, lobbyists and even the Haitian president Jovenel Moise sought a humanitarian extension for the program which extended temporary protection.

The fate of DACA dreamers also hangs in limbo. Since the President’s administration formally ended DACA last September, Congress has been left to find a reasonable solution for nearly 800,000 unprotected people.

The President’s remarks about Haiti and African countries are disparaging and disappointing. However, they serve as an important reminder how crucial it is to stand with our marginalized brothers and sisters. Haitians, Africans, immigrants the world over, US citizens and all allies, local and global, must show support, spread love, provide sanctuary and demonstrate tolerance.

There is clearly so much work to do as we seek to treat everyone with a modicum of dignity and respect while honoring the full breadth of God’s divine creation. All people, all races and ethnicities, all orientations and religious affiliations or not, we are the diverse mosaic of humankind.

Please join us in prayer and contemplation for displaced and traumatized people, raped, war-torn and weary refugees, homeless, country-less, ridiculed travelers, the enslaved and disenfranchised. We belong to each other. We are our neighbors’ keeper and protector of the alien among us in all scenarios where injustice and malice raise ugly heads, and where discrimination and racism show up in subtle and not so subtle ways. All forms of oppression that devalue humanity must be brought squarely into the light of day and acknowledged.

We cannot remain silent when everything within us screams, “we must speak out!” We must give unequivocal voice to resist all that is unacceptable, lacks decorum and screeches injustice!

Acknowledgement to action is our mantra.